Copyright notice

While all our recipes are copyright, we are very happy for our viewers to view and print all our recipes.  It is strictly no allowed for webmasters to republish our recipes on their website.

However, we also understand that the term “copyrighted” does not protect “ideas”.  The law only protect expression or fixations.  Fair enough, if the law would have protect ideas, then no one would be able to redistribute information (an example is newspapers).

So, this is my message to you webmasters, if I caught you reproducing the recipes on this website as it is, I will seek legal advise for plagiarism.  You can and please do redistribute the idea, make changes to the recipes and improve them if you can but DO NOT redistribute or adapt all our hard work.

Thank you and hope you enjoy our website.  Any suggestion on how to make it better is always welcome.  Check our contact us page if you need to send us a message.


Mauritius Cuisine team.

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